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About me

Greetings!, I'm Ezra Lazuardy Wijaya, a programmer & developer from Indonesia. I'm very interested in developing and designing UI & UX for app. Especially for Android and Web.

I have experience in building an android mobile apps using Android Studio with Firebase Integration & REST API, creating web apps with CodeIgniter framework, developing a dekstop apps with Visual Studio, crafting Augmented Reality app using Unity & Vuforia, and many other things!.

I'm also a Kotlin enthusiast. I love build Android mobile apps with the beautiful & idiomatic Kotlin language.


Most used programming languange & technology

Specialized in doing these:

  • Adavanced Android development
  • Firebase integration
  • Android Kotlin development
  • Github version control
  • Responsive Web application development
  • SQL / NoSQL Database development


I've got 3 years experience in programming & other skill.

  • Interning at CV Karya Hidup Sentosa - Present

    Currently, I'm interning at CV Karya Hidup Sentosa, Yogyakarta, Indonesia as a Software Engineer (Android & Web platform).

  • Android Facilitator BEKRAF 2019 - December 2019

    Being a Android Facilitator (Trainer) for BEKRAF 2019 event.

  • Beginner Android Training - June 2018

    I've follow a Beginner Android Training at ID-Networkers to study a basic development of Android application.


Several awards I've got so far:

  • 3rd Winner of Regional Selection of Asean Skill Competition XIII
  • 3rd Winner of Techcomfest Competition 2018
  • 3rd Winner of IT Software for Bussiness Competition
  • Certificate of Completion of Augmented Reality STEM Project Online Workshop
  • Certificate of Completion of Cisco Networking Academy IT Essentials
  • Certificate of Graduation of Dicoding (Become an Android Developer Expert)


Some of certification that issued to me:

  • Certificate of Participation: Google Code-in 2018
  • Certificate of Completion: Augmented Reality STEM 2018
  • Certificate of Completion: Cisco Networking Academy IT Essentials
  • Certificate of Graduation: Dicoding Become an Android Developer Expert
  • Certificate of Contributor: Kihajar Mobile Competition 2017
  • Certificate of Participant: Regional Selection of Asean Skill Competition XIII

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