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Lindungi Sesama

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Android, Kotlin, Figma, Prismic, REST API
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version 0.2


Some changes that I made to the latest version:

  • Updated Kotlin version to 1.3.72.
  • Fixed bug can't fetch current covid case due to API updates
    (Novel COVID API update to version 2).

Primary objectives

  • Become a media information for COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia
  • Allows users to read content in informative way
  • Make it easier for users to access content related to Coronavirus

The problem

At present, the world is being horrified by the COVID-19 pandemic case. To prevent the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, the community must work together by doing several things, including social distancing and washing hands.

Seeing the problem above, the initiative to create the Lindungi Sesama application also emerged as a form of concern about the disaster that is happening to the world today.

Penggunaan masker untuk pencegahan virus Korona.

I began developing Lindungi Sesama with the aim that this application could become the information media of COVID-19 in Indonesia. Hopefully, this application can help the community to gain a guidance information, prevention, and other content related to the Coronavirus and COVID-19.


To kick things off, I began by researching data that application needed. Thanks to KawalCOVID19 and NovelCOVID API that provide me an access to get statistic data and content about Coronavirus and the COVID-19 disease.

I've summarize some data and content that will be implemented to application, such as:

  • Current Coronavirus cases in Indonesia
  • Guides to prevent the spread of COVID-19
  • Some prevention way to get rid of Coronaviruses
  • News and announcement about COVID-19 in Indonesia
Also based on Public Advice by World Health Organization.

For publishing and managing the content for downloadAppsLink, I use Prismic Headless CMS. The reason why I use that is because it's free and powerful.

Features and decision making

After collecting information, I started working about app's features. Starting with the primary objectives, I determined I needed to implement:

  • Data fetching ability from Prismic CMS to show content in the Android app
  • Current COVID-19 Case Status in Indonesia to show current situation about the Coronaviruses spread
  • Dashboard to show some overview dan information about Coronaviruses & COVID-19
  • Guides, Mythbusters, and Preventions page to help community stop the spread of COVID-19
  • FAQ page to help answer the question that community may ask about
  • About App page to show the Lindungi Sesama application info
* This application is targeting an Android platform and require an Internet access to fetch the data.

Mockups and prototypes

Content Management System:

Prismic CMS

Prismic CMS preview.

Editing content with Prismic CMS

Editing content with Prismic CMS preview.

Android App:

Home (Dashboard) Page

Home (Dashboard) preview.

Guides Page

Guides Page preview.

Mythbusters Page

Mythbusters Page preview.

Preventions Page

Preventions Page preview.

FAQ Page

FAQ Page preview.

About Application Page

About Application Page preview.

Development overview

  • Using Figma to design the application's UI & UX
  • Using Prismic CMS to manage the application content
  • Using GitHub as SVN
  • UI & UX is based on the Material Design Guidelines.
  • Application is written in Kotlin programming language
  • Application is targeting minimal Android API level 19 (KitKat)
  • Application is licensed under MIT License.
  • Implemented an in-app error handling when application fail to fetch data from Prismic

Out-of-scope ideas to explore

  • Building more powerful in-app CMS using Prismic platform
  • Adding more content type about COVID-19
  • Adding notification & announcement feature
  • Redesign UI/UX to become more informative & efficient in presenting content to users

Determining success

This product update is still in its infancy, but let's review the original objectives:

  • Become a media information for COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia
    ✅ Absolutely!, Lindungi Sesama was developed to become an information media for COVID-19 pandemic, especially in Indonesia country.
  • Allows users to read content in informative way
    ✅ Yes, this app let user to consume the content in informative way, using components such as image, icon, cards, and many more
  • Make it easier for users to access content related to Coronavirus
    ✅ Yup, this is an Android app that can installed and runned under Android smartphone directly

More feature update is under development, stay tuned!